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the Sisters of Mercy

The Parish Newsletter for Sunday 11th March, 1962 announced:-

'Two Sisters of Mercy will, please God, take up residence in the new Convent on the feast of St. Joseph, Monday the 19th March.  The new community of four Sisters will come here on 29th June, feast of the Sacred Heart, and the school will begin after the Summer holidays.'

Sisters Clement, Magdalen, Evangelist and Pius came from Lurgan in County Armagh, Northern Ireland.  They opened a school and were also involved in visiting the sick and house-bound. In 1972 they were recalled to their Mother House in Ireland. Mother Aloysius, superior of the Gravesend Convent of Mercy, was asked to send some Sisters to replace them.  Sisters Catherine and Benedict were the first to come, followed by a number of other Sisters over the years.

In more recent years three Sisters lived in a convent close to the church.

In July 2010 Sr. Vincent and Sr. Catherine returned to their Convent in Gravesend after many years of devoted service to the people of Ashford.  We are delighted that Sr. Dolores continues her ministry in the parish: working in our school, leading our church choir and our First Holy Communion Programme.

View the website of their Mother House in Gravesend at:-