World Communications Day 2020

woman standing in front of video camera

On Sunday 24 May we will celebrate World Communications Day across the globe. The Pope recently recognised that the media should become a primary platform for evangelisation; ‘Studying new ways and means to communicate the Gospel of mercy to all people, in the heart of different cultures, through the media that the new digital cultural context makes available to our contemporaries is something that is very much in my heart’.

While much of the world remains in lockdown and as we, in England, attempt to recover from the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, many parishes have transformed from being physically to ‘virtually’ close for the time being, providing a new level of service and means of outreach.  In Southwark Diocese alone, over 50 parishes are offering live-streamed Mass, interactive video-conferencing, podcasts and weekly mailings filled with prayers, online meetings, sermons and offers of support.  The creativity and quickness to respond has been both impressive and inspiring.

The theme for 2020 will be: “That you may tell your children and grandchildren” (Ex 10:2) In his Message for World Communications Day 2020, Pope Francis looks to the Bible as ‘the great love story between God and humanity’ with Jesus at its centre.

Read Pope Francis’ message here: