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The vaccine, fear and faith | Comment | ekathimerini.com

You may be wondering, Is it safe to take the Covid-19 Vaccine, and how does it stand in regards to our Catholic beliefs? There is a lot of negative opinions about it, but be sure, that certain Catholic groups are not representing Catholic teaching faithfully on this matter. The Bishops’ Conference Statement states:

· The development of a vaccine against COVID-19 presents an important breakthrough in protecting others as well as oneself from the virus; a virus which has not only caused a global pandemic and led to a huge loss of life but has also placed a great burden on healthcare workers and systems. 

· Each of us has a duty to protect others from infection with its danger of serious illness, and for some, death. A vaccine is the most effective way to achieve this unless one decides to self-isolate.

· Each Catholic must educate his or her conscience on this matter and decide what to do, also bearing in mind that a vaccine must be safe, effective, and universally available, especially to the poor of the world. 

· Catholics may in good conscience receive any of these vaccines for the good of others and themselves. In good conscience, one may refuse a particular vaccine but one continues to have a duty to protect others from infection.