As we all know, Monday 19th July is so called FREEDOM DAY from  the Covid-19 restrictions. But the fact is that the Covid-19 virus is still circulating in society and the pandemic is not over! Even without legal restrictions the Church in England and Wales will be adopting a cautious approach to capacity and activity within our buildings.

After 19th July the church REMAINS OPEN for MASSES.· Please do not enter the church if you have high temperature or/and persistent cough.

St Teresa’s church has allocated seats – max. capacity approx. 142 seats. St Ambrose, Wye has 20 zones available for households or individuals.

1) Please continue to use QR T&T system, or our online system to tell us you are coming.
2) Sanitise your hands at the entrance to the church.
3) Please wear a face cover at all time, unless you are medically exempt, in which case please sit in the less crowded part of the church.
4) Please follow our sitting rules and keep 2x50cm distance between households. Please do not be selfish in choosing the place so we can accommodate everyone.
5) Congregational singing is permitted, but you can join in singing only if you are wearing a face mask.
6) Holy Communion will continue to be given on hand as before. Should you wish to receive on tongue, please come at the end of the queue and directly to the priest.

  • At the moment only the disabled toilet is available.
  • We will make sure the church is clean and sanitised regularly, but please mind it is still a building site and some areas may have to be excluded for the public use.