It is an opportunity to inspire us all to share the Good News we have received. This year, we are encouraged to take to heart the invitation to ‘Rejoice with me’. This joyful invitation comes from two of the three people mentioned in the Gospel of the day.  Through this short phrase, we are invited to experience the joy of finding something, or someone, that had been lost. How wonderful it would be if Catholic parishes responded to this invitation by celebrating with the people who have encountered Christ and come home to their parish community this Home Mission Sunday. The second collection this weekend is for Home Mission. For more information about the Home Mission Office  please visit http://www.homemission.org.uk

Do you want a Mass to be offered?

https://i1.wp.com/misasgregorianas.ive.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/62089010_2052195861557845_1682706781425369088_n-2.jpgMasses can be celebrated for deceased members of family or friends, thanksgiving, anniversaries, vocations, for the sick and for any particular need.  If you would like a Mass said please fill in the Mass envelope at the back of Church and give it to a priest or drop it into the Parish Office. You can also contact the Parish Office directly on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9am to 2pm.

https://i0.wp.com/www.ourladyswarriors.org/images/mass.gifThere is also an old tradition of Gregorian Masses. Gregorian Masses are a series of Holy Masses traditionally offered on 30 consecutive days as soon as possible after a person’s death. They are offered for an individual soul.  The custom of offering Gregorian Masses for a particular soul recognises that few people are immediately ready for heaven after death, and that, through the infinite intercessory power of Christ’s sacrifice, made present in Holy Mass, a soul can be continually perfected in grace and enabled to enter finally into the union with the Most Holy Trinity – our God, Who is Love Itself.

History of Gregorian Masses.
https://i1.wp.com/www.smarymag.org/uploads/images/blog/gregorian.jpgGregorian Masses take their name from Saint Gregory the Great, who was sovereign Pontiff from 590 to 604. St. Gregory the Great contributed to the spread of the pious practice of having these Masses celebrated for the deliverance of the souls from purgatory. In his Dialogues, he tells us that he had Masses on thirty consecutive days offered for the repose of the soul of Justus, a monk who had died in the convent of St. Andrew in Rome. At the end of the thirtieth Mass, the deceased appeared to one of his fellow monks and announced that he had been delivered from the flames of Purgatory.


https://i2.wp.com/www.wonersh.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/sjs_header.gifThe Chapel, dedicated to the Sacred Heart, is at the Heart of the Seminary where Mass and the Divine Office are celebrated daily, where Exposition and Benediction of the Bhttps://c4.staticflickr.com/9/8428/28942162043_9a61946ea7.jpglessed Sacrament takes place, and where private prayer and meditation sustain the community in its task of providing good priests for today’s Church.

The Chapel was last decorated in the 1980’s and is in need of some repair, refurbishment and decoration, which it is estimated will cost in the region of £350,000. St John’s Seminary is asking if parishioners would generously help them restore the Sacred Heart Chapel to good order by means of a donation.  The Seminary also ask for the prayers of parishioners across the Diocese for their ongoing work.

To make a donation, or make an enquiry relating to this appeal,
please contact:
Mgr. Gerry Ewing, Vice Rector
St John’s Seminary, Wonersh,
Guildford, Surrey
or by email:


LAST UPDATE: 14th September 2019

WE WELCOME FR JOSEPH this weekend as our new Assistant Priest and wish him many blessings as he starts his new ministry in Ashford. FR JIBIN will join us next week  as a resident in the Parish to primarily look after the Knanaaya Community. The welcoming Mass for both Fr Joseph and Fr Jibin will be at the International Mass on Sunday 22nd September at the 10.30am Mass.

INTERNATIONAL MASS & LUNCH on Sunday 22nd September at 10.30am. All parishioners are welcome not only to attend but to take part in preparation. We need volunteers to help set up, serve, and clear up. There is a box in the foyer for people to write their names so we can contact them.  Please can you sign up to donate food and when bringing food in label the food and also their containers. Many thanks.

PLANNED GIVING SCHEME its your opportunity to find out more about our Pastoral and Finance in the Parish. Every Sunday from Sunday 22nd September until Sunday 14th October Fr Peter or a member of the Finance/Pastoral team will give you information at all Masses. Please come to Mass to find out about your Parish.
On Monday 30th September there will be a Parish Finance Annual report at 7.30pm in the Church’s Hall. All are welcome.

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION and CONFIRMATION 2019/20 forms now available from one of the clergy.

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION PHOTOS 2019. Please, could the parents collect the photos from the Parish Office.

READERS AND MINISTERS OF HOLY COMMUNION. Please pick up your rotas for the next 3 months from the table in the church porch.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. Volunteers are needed to count the collection after the 10.30am Mass on Sunday. More volunteers are required to join church cleaning as some groups fail to have enough people to help. If you would like to help please contact Fr Peter or the Parish Office.

ST SIMONS Parish Pilgrimage to Aylesford on Saturday 19th October. Meet at St Simon’s at 9.30 am, in order to keep costs down we are making our own way there with parishioners who are willing to drive giving lifts to those who need them. Arrive 10.30 at Aylesford where we will be welcomed by a Friar. There will be refreshments in the hall followed by Mass at 12noon celebrated by Fr Peter Kucharski. Lunch will be at 1pm in the hall where pilgrims can either purchase a lunch or they can bring their own pack lunch. There will be free time until Rosary at 3pm, Adoration and Benediction at 3.30pm and finally we will leave at 4pm. For Further details contact St Simon’s Church on 01233 622399

A BIBLE JESUS KNEW… by Fr Rodney Schofield. Bishops of England and Wales have designated a Year of the Bible, starting on 30th Sept (1600th anniversary of death of St Jerome). Please join us for a talk given by Fr Rodney at St Ambrose, Wye on 1st October at 11am. All are welcome.

BEREAVEMENT MINISTRY TRAINING A one day course on 2nd November at Aylesford Priory for laity and clergy who are active in the ministry to the bereaved or see it as a ministry that they would like to take on. This course is not suitable for those recently bereaved. Forms can be obtained from the Parish Office for this course. Participants should be recommended by their parish priest.

CHARITY LIFE is looking for enthusiastic church and community fundraisers in the Diocese to help them grow life-saving work with vulnerable mothers. They need you to help there volunteer fundraisers, manage local events, and develop relationships with community groups. They offer a competitive salary for a full or part-time position based at home. Contact jobs@lifecharity.org.uk for more details.