Care of the Sick

302d32f0a1131dc1e3366542db4dd17dThe Parish cares for its sick members at home, in hospital, or in the nursing homes and hospitals. The visiting team and the clergy visit the sick on a regular basis and, of course, in cases of emergency or serious illness the priests will arrange to administer the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.


If you or a relative are ill and are unable to come to Mass,
please contact the Parish Office
and arrangements will be made for you to receive Communion at home.

If you or a relative are taken into hospital, it is necessary to let the parish know. Hospitals no longer advise us if there are Catholic patients on the ward. It is helpful to tell the Ward Clerk or one of the nurses that you are a Catholic and wish to be visited by a member of the Catholic clergy.