Week 1

Our Call to Stewardship

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
From the very beginning of His public ministry, Our Lord gathered communities around Him. He said that whenever even two or three met in His name He would be with them. The same is true today when we come together as the Parish community here.
The Church has always been this living community that preaches the Gospel and celebrates the sacraments to make visible Christ presence in our world. It also must sustain itself to achieve these ends. Each Parish therefore needs to be adequately funded and cannot depend on others, such as the Diocese, for financial support. Each Parish must balance its books so as to ensure its long-term future and facilitate continuing the mission given by Jesus Christ to the first apostles. I must state with grateful heart here that I have enjoyed the support of my people in this parish to achieve what has been carried out in the two years of my ministry here. For this, I am grateful.
In the light of the many pastoral activities taking place here in the parish as well as the challenges presented to us by the upkeep of our church building, may I invite you please in the weeks ahead to reflect on your regular offertory contribution. Thank you, as always, for your generosity!

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