Altar Servers

The Altar Server Ministry is composed of young (and not so young) boys and girls who under the guidance of the Parish Priest want to volunteer their time and talents to serve at Masses and Services at St Teresa’s Parish. Anyone who has received their First Holy Communion is eligible to serve and we are always looking to increase our numbers.

Altar_ServersThe Altar Server ministry is extremely important because Altar Servers assist the priest/celebrant in setting the tone of the Mass and in leading the congregation in worship. Altar Servers do this by their own personal commitment to the ministry, by their reverent behaviour in the sanctuary (which is the area surrounding the Altar), and by the respectful and competent execution of their duties.

Altar Servers are required to participate in the training sessions before they become part of the ministry and once part of the ministry, they are expected to attend on-going training sessions to further develop their knowledge and skills with regards to the ministry.

If interested in becoming an Altar Server, please speak to the Parish Priest.