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Feast & Solemnities

Traditionally the Christmas Crib and the singing of Christmas carols is kept until the 2nd February

Friday 2nd February
* The Presentation of the Lord, Feast *
Blessing of candles at all Masses
10.00am – Mass
8.00pm – Candlemas



The next First Holy Communion class will be on Saturday 20th January after 10.00am Mass at the Priest’s House.


The next RCIA meeting will be on Wednesday 24th January 2018.



Confirmation Group meet  on Thursday 25th January 2018 at 8.00pm in the Priests’ House.

Upcoming Events

Saturday/Sunday 20/21 January
Eucharistic Ministers meeting
after the Sunday Mass they attend

Saturday 20th January (8.30am-4.30pm)
Pre-Marriage Course in Polish (Parish Hall)

Friday 26th January (5.45pm-9pm)
& Saturday 27th January (9.00am-4.30pm)
Southwark (KENT) Pre-Marriage Course in English (Parish Hall)

Sunday 28th January (10.30am Mass)
First Holy Communion group Initiation Mass

Wednesday 31st January (7.00pm)
Parish Finance Team meeting (Priest’s House)

Wednesday 7th February (7.00pm)
First Holy Communion group Reconciliation Service (Church)

Saturday 24th February (10.00am)
Holy Mass with the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick
(opportunity for Confession from 9.30am)

Tuesday 27th March (7.30pm)
Parish Reconciliation Service for Lent (Church)

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