St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School

St-T's-Sch1St. Teresa’s Catholic Primary School is sited in beautiful grounds about 10 minutes’ walk from Ashford town centre and close to motorway junction 9 on the M20. The present buildings date back to 1984 but the school goes back to 1899 and has occupied various sites around the town in that time.

We have about 215 pupils, aged from 5 to 11. They are in 7 classes of between 29 and 32 pupils per class. There is one class per year group.

We take pride in the fact that this is a happy and industrious school with a real sense of team spirit. As a Catholic school, we embrace our partnership with St. Teresa’s Church and the wider Catholic community.  In addition to baptised Catholic children, we also cater for Christians of other denominations and children of other faiths or of no faith, space permitting.

We hope our school is a friendly place where people feel welcomed and cared for. A number of our parents were pupils here in the past and new children and parents from outside the area often comment on how quickly they feel part of the school community.

The education of a child is far too important to be left to a school alone. Parents have a very important part to play too. This website gives information about what you can expect of the school and also shows how you can play a part, in the way of partnership, help and support. We want everyone involved in the school to feel part of our school community.  Together we will enable students to be successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

We have been consistently judged good in all OFSTED inspections, including in the most recent one in Oct 2013. The inspectors said some very pleasant things about our school and where they made recommendations we are busy implementing them.

We have a very active Parents’-Teachers’ Association. They put on various events throughout the year raising money to provide valuable resources for the school.  But the raising of money is not as important as the building of community links. We have a strong governing body which works hard to ensure we keep up to date with the latest requirements, while still keeping children at the heart of our vision.

Bernadette Brown


St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School
Quantock Drive
TN24 8QN
Tel: 01233 622797


St Anselm’s Catholic Comprehensive School

st_anselmsSt Anselm’s is a Catholic School for students of all abilities, designated as a Specialist Science College in September 2004.

St Anselm’s serves the people of the Canterbury Deanery, including the towns of Ashford, Faversham, Whitstable, Herne Bay and Canterbury. Students from other areas are also most welcome.

The School’s Mission is to promote the development of all its students so that they are able to achieve their full potential academically,  spiritually and socially.

We seek to ensure that academic potential is fulfilled by valuing the work of all students. There is a consistent focus on securing outstanding teaching and learning in the School, with appropriate pace and challenge in all lessons and excellent behaviour. Students’ progress is regularly measured and appropriate additional help and guidance is given where it is needed. Students are placed in teaching groups most suited to their ability, and these teaching groups are regularly reviewed. Success is celebrated and students are rewarded in many different ways for their efforts. This is truly a comprehensive school.

Students are encouraged to develop spiritually by their membership of a school community founded on the Gospel Values of Hope, Charity, Justice and Peace. We place great value on the quality of relationships, on mutual respect, tolerance and understanding and on reconciliation if difficulties arise. There are many opportunities for students to become involved in the liturgical life of the school through daily worship, Masses, services and retreats. We also emphasise to students that spiritual fulfilment involves being the best that you can be, leaving St Anselm’s with the ability and preparedness to lead good, fulfilled adult lives with a commitment to making a positive contribution to the global community.

Social development takes place through our strong community and the many enrichment opportunities made available to students. Vertical tutor groups and our House structure means that students of all ages mix together. We have very high expectations of behaviour and conduct for all. Our strong pastoral care ensures that any difficulties students experience are quickly overcome.

St. Anselm’s Catholic School 
Old Dover Road
CT1 3EN 

Tel: 01227 826200